18, Aug, 2019
The 7400 Series Moen Kitchen Faucets

The 7400 Series Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen Kitchen Faucets – The 7400 Moen Series features Kitchen Faucets Single handle kitchen faucets available in a wide variety of designs. As a corporation, Moen is famous for its single-lever faucets, with the first being developed by the founder of Al Moen Company in 1937. Unfortunately, even the best faucets eventually wear out and need to be replace. While you can call a plumber to do the work, it takes time and costs money. You do not need someone with the ability to use a faucet and a little help cannot replace your 7400 Series moen kitchen faucets itself. Reach under your kitchen sink and locate the shut-off valves for your hot and cold water supplies.

Close the valves to close the water from your kitchen faucet. Turn the key to eject water still trapped in the lines. Feel comfortable as you will spend most of your time under the sink. Unscrew the water lines from the faucet supply tubes, using the adjustable wrench. The tubes hanging below the bottom of the sink. If your old 7400 key has been in place for a while the nuts on the water lines can be corroded instead. If so, use a penetrating oil to loosen the nuts before removing them. Once you are disconnect just place the water pipes in the bottom of your kitchen sink. Remove the retaining nut holding the moen kitchen faucets in place. Most models of the 7400 series have a single nut fix the faucet in the sink. It is at the bottom of the stack, between the water supply tubes.

Unscrew the nut, again with penetrating oil if necessary and remove it. Some models of the 7400 series also use a cover plate between the nut and the sink. If your model has one, remove the cover plate. It may be useful to use a Basin faucet as well, as it will allow you to reach up and behind the sink, if necessary. Slide the moen kitchen faucets out of its mounting holes in the top of the sink. Remove the rubber gasket that rests between the faucet and the sink.

Discard your old 7400 wrenches and clean the mounting area in the sink. Place a small amount of plumber putty around the area where you will install the new moen kitchen faucets. This will help you create an airtight seal. Place the rubber gasket into the mounting holes and slide the new faucet through the mounting holes. Turn the faucet on the side to prevent the faucet from leaning forward while holding the nut under the sink.