18, Aug, 2019
Take Apart a Kitchen Sink Faucet

Take Apart a Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kitchen sink faucet – Taking apart a kitchen sink faucet is a simple. Depending on what type of faucet you have, there are different techniques to use when dismantling a rooster. Instructions preparation to take part kitchen sink faucet: Set the type of faucet you have. There are four main types. And each is taken apart differently. They are disk, cartridge, ball and compression. A kitchen sink with two control elements is a compression faucet. Differentiate between taps. A ball valve rotates with a single lever on a slotted metal ball. A water faucet cartridge contains a metal or plastic cartridge.

A disc faucet allows the tap to move side to side to lifted and lowered. If you cannot determine what type of kitchen sink faucet. Note the make and model and call your local hardware store. Locate water shut-off valve under the sink and rotate it to shut off. You can usually do this by hand. Begin dismantling: Locate screws. These should located underneath the caps of the faucet handles. Pry up caps with a screwdriver. If you have not leveled faucet handles, look for screws in the handle or handles. Take apart a ball valve. Remove the cap and screw and then pull out the handle. Find the ball, seals and springs.

Take note of how the springs are installed. You must replace them in the exact same order. Use tweezers to remove the springs and valve seats. Then twist and lift the spout. Find O-ring and remove it from the house (replace it if the sink leaks). Also replace the valve seals, springs and balls kitchen sink faucet; Install the components exactly as you removed them. Removing the cap and removing the screw on the handle to take apart a cartridge faucet. Remove the handle by lifting it up, the nut with pliers and then spout by lifting it. Find the retaining clips and pull it out with pliers. Find O-ring and remove it. Remove the cartridge by pulling it up with tongs. Replace if necessary. Reconnect all components exactly as you removed them.

Tag apart one compression faucet by removing the cap and screw. Lift and remove the handle and screw the nut from the tap. Use pliers, screw the stem. Remove the screw holding the washer. Remove the washer (replace it if your sink leaks). Also replace the stem and the O-ring if there are leaks. To separate a disk valve, lift the handle, find the screw and remove it. Remove the handle and housing. Find disk cartridge and remove the screws, then lift the disc. Interchangeable disc if it is cracked. Clean and rinse the cylinder opening, and install new gaskets, if necessary. Reinstall all components exactly as you removed them. And the take apart a kitchen sink faucet was done.