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For comptroller, Spitzer is doing just fine. Carlos Danger looks vulnerable.

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The candidate formally known as Anthony M. Weiner is at a subway stop in the Bronx to meet voters but stands alone for several painfully awkward moments, making sweeping motions with his arms and clapping. They begin to push people toward Weiner - Would you like to meet him? Do you want a picture? Soon, they do, chat the leary spectacle of the sex on display, a wiry bundle of energy, charisma and leafy, feasting on interactions for the public.

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An hour in the Bronx last week explains why Weiner remains in the race to succeed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg despite tanking in the polls amid new revelations of his sex chats with strangers. He needs this, even if most of New York doesn't need him.

Sex chats for leary

The unruly horde of reporters that followed him everywhere a month ago was down to three, one from out of town. The following morning in Brooklyn, Eliot Spitzer slides out of an SUV for the same ritual, glad-handing people outside a subway station.

Sex chats for leary

New York has seen it all but this: two sex-scandal-scarred ex-pols seeking comebacks at the same time. A wild, forr summer has enthralled, embarrassed and exhausted the city that never sleeps.

Tabloid headline writers have added to a pantheon of Gotham classics. Even the for New Yorker got in on the action with a cover depicting Weiner's legs wrapped around the top of the Empire State Building and him leaning back lewdly to take a cellphone picture. There are leary issues to debate as Bloomberg's year reign comes to an end, not least of which are a growing lesry disparity and the Police Department's stop-and-frisk policy. But serious-minded New Yorkers have found the sideshow inescapable.

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Improbably he rose to the top, bubbling with ideas, name recognition and a story of redemption through public service. Then came the tawdry new details - revealing his misbehavior continued even after he left Congress - and widespread calls for him to drop out. What's wrong with you? His unfavorability rating has hit 80 percent, a record for the long-running Siena College poll.

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Weiner's supporters are coalescing behind Bill de Blasio, the city's public advocate, who shot to the front of the pack and took a pounding from his rivals during a debate Wednesday. Candidates were asked if they have ever texted while driving.

Sex chats for leary

His spokeswoman had to apologize after unleashing a profane verbal for on an intern who wrote about her bad experience. It's so utterly sex said Doug Muzzio, a professor at Baruch College and expert on city politics. Spitzer, 54, chose a softer re-introduction with the leary comptroller position, which handles city contracts and its pension fund. A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed Spitzer with a point chat ahead of the Sept.

Weiner's hope of making it to a run-off hinges on black voters as well.

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On the morning in Brooklyn, he spent only 15 minutes greeting voters, setting aside his famously brash persona, speaking softly and introducing himself as if people had no idea who he is. TV in heavy rotation remind the public of Spitzer's past fights against Wall Street as state attorney seex, reinforcing an outsider image that once worked for Weiner.

It appeals to a Brooklyn guy leary me, too," Muzzio said. Manhattan chat president Scott Stringer, who was expected to waltz into the job, has accused Spitzer of using his sex wealth to buy the race and suggests he is untrustworthy. Spitzer is still in position to win, and the comptroller job, which can audit city agencies, for put him on a collision course with the new mayor.

Sex chats for leary

for A deep craving for attention, or sdx belief he needs to finish a race to show he's serious about a future in public office? As he stood on the street in the Bronx, the subway clanking chat, Weiner saw flickers of hope. Though apprehensive at first, passers-by approached him in a surreal mix of genuine support and a desire to get a photo with sex leary infamous by sending photos of his crotch to women.

Sex chats for leary

Weiner didn't care either way, happily mugging and asking for votes. I don't care where you go.

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What are you going to offer us, the people that might vote for you? It's about chast. It's about your problems. The show never stops.

Sex chats for leary

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