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In his inaugural address, Cobo promised to, among other things, push for early completion of expressways, resist public housing projects in outlying single home areas, raze slum areas, and expedite construction of the new City-County Building. Nine Common Council members were also sworn in, including new member Mary Beck who was the first woman to serve on the council. With Lumley injured, Terry Sawchuk was called up from the farm system.

January 6 - George Thomas, a year-old night watchman who on December 20 discovered a dynamite bomb in a stairwell at UAW headquarters, showed up disoriented in front of the Ford estate with a rope around his neck.

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He initially claimed that he had been kidnapped and tortured, but later claimed that he was depressed because he was suspected of having planted the bomb saglnaw had tried unsuccessfully to kill himself. He fled after he was convicted in for conspiracy in the murder of State Sen. Warren G. Hooper and the robbery of a gambling establishment.

McKay in his home district of Grand Rapids. Securities and Exchange Commission. Safinaw police supplied an initial list of 50 suspected subversive employees to be investigated.

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By January 12, Detroit officials reported that four days of cold weather would wipe out the city's supply. Mennen Williams declared a state of crisis, Flint and Detroit resorted to rationing, and schools were forced to close. The Detroit Free Press called the removal "the greatest mass evictions in Detroit's history. Blair had no living family frfe said in his will: "The bird is the trixl friend I have.

I'm leaving him everything I own. Pebley, age 63, was beheaded in an elevator accident at the Transportation Building in Detroit.

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The Detroit Free Press reported that the woman's head was "torn from her body" when the elevator suddenly shot upwards as she szginaw the elevator. Her head fell to the floor of the car as "screaming passengers cowered against the back wall. Mennen Williams issued an executive order abolishing discrimination and segregation based on race, creed, or color in the Michigan National Guard.

Michigan was the fourth state to take such action, after Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois. Rutkowski not to be engaged in public comment during this election cycle, as it will resurrect the prior matter involving Rev. He said the letter was not intended to be a threat, but was meant to warn the Diocese.

Saginaw sex chat free trial

Rutkowski wrote another letter in the campaign Not because of me, but because people are going to be talking about it again. Timothy J.

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Rutkowski beat Gaertner for the position of Huron County Prosecutor inafter he ran against Gaertner for a third time. He still holds the position of Huron County Prosecutor. Prior investigations uncovered after Diocese goes public It wasn't until last month that the Diocese publicly announced Leipert was suspected of sexual abuse. An investigation by the Tribune revealed the alleged incident in on May 2.

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When a priest is laicized, it formalizes his return to status of a layperson; it severs his ties to the Diocese," Carlson explained. The Diocese announced in March a total of five priests, including Leipert, were removed from the ministry as a result of sexual abuse allegations against minors. Two others — Robert J. DeLand and Ronald J.

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Dombrowski — are on administrative leave "related to allegations under investigation," according to the Diocese. Drombrowski, 72, served at several Thumb area churches from to He was suspended by Bishop Joseph R.

Saginaw sex chat free trial

Cistone because an allegation of sexual abuse against Dombrowski is being investigated. Drombrowski served at St. Mary of Czestochowa, Kinde; St. Edward the Confessor Parish, Kinde; Ss. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Vassar; St.

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Bernard, Millington; St. Mary, Parisville; St.

Saginaw sex chat free trial

Other former priests who served at area churches and have been removed from the ministry were: Stanislaus A. Hrial and Leonard F. Wilkuski served as pastor at St. Mary of Parisville from July to July He had his faculties withdrawn in April He was laicized in February

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