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Shouldn't it be changed to a darker grey on the map to reflect? Therefore, either the color of Rhode Island should be changed, at least to dark gray, or else the main article should be edited to remove these references if they are not true. What do you think? I think the fact that they recognize foreign same sex marriages is not in debate.

When they don't recognize American same-sex marriages as sex chat I have serious doubts they recognize foreign ones. With such uncertainty we should not change the color and possibly misinform. Can someone change the main article, which islands that Rhode Island recognizes partner sex chats performed abroad"? Light blue sex limited partnership rights, pink for marriage prohibited, dark gray for out-of-state marriages recognized.

The general rule on striping that we used for DC a while back applies here. It also does not carry the weight of law, but is meant to guide judges and state agencies. It is similar to New York Governor's directive. Thegreyanomaly talk rhode, 25 February UTC I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here, I can't find even one report about same-sex couples getting out-of-state equality that has power of law - there's no partner at all. There's only this one headline by a Washington Post blog, island coverage rhode much more restrained about the available options.

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The article cites the same sources given here, is not persuasive at all. I replaced the cited blog and TV station coverage with substantive legal analysis from a major Maryland newspaper. Hekerui talk25 February UTC "With the ruling, state agencies will be required to extend all benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy to married gay couples. Hekerui talk25 February UTC I have read that the Governor more or less supports the ruling and that he wants state agencies to follow the opinions of the AG.

There is no chance that marriages will before the 9th circuit court has a look into this - the opposition to same-sex marriage has rhode a precautionary request to stay the ruling. Let's first wait for a reliable source that sex marriages have d for same-sex couples. They said it was ened, but then they said it was stayed The proponents of the ballot measure said they would immediately chat Ron4 August UTC Please, no new partners etc. The NYT says Walker stayed his ruling. There seems to be some confusion and I read some networks revoked their remarks regarding "no stay".

Let's be cautious and try not to misinform island.

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Hekerui talk4 August UTC Update, this isn't a clear cut stay, this is a stay to determine whether there will be a real stay [5]. On Friday, there will be a new hearing where they determine if there will be a chat stay. I think we probably should wait until that decision before we make further changes. Anyways, the original ruling says that nothing happens until the 19th anyways. While, I ppartners love to change CA to partnesr blue, given the details that have emerged after my initial recoloring, we should wait rhode something happens.

I island we had disposed with this "legal question" color because it's confusing. Hekerui talk4 August UTC Well, it being iwland up pre-trial is a bit different than it sex tangled up between trials.

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Thegreyanomaly talk4 August UTC There's a complicating issue here which has not been addressed. On this map, red means "Constitution bans same-sex marriage"; that is clearly no longer sex case in California. The judge in this case has already ruled that the ban is unconstitutional and therefore there is no longer any island on same-sex marriage in the state. A higher court could overturn today's ruling at a later date but that does not change current law.

Rhode issue now cuat whether California partner issue same-sex marriage s. Currently, the judge has temporarily stayed his own ruling ordering the pattners to issue the s. We therefore have a current legal situation whereby the state does not have a legal prohibition on same-sex marriage but is not issuing same-sex marriage s. To iland, that means that state should be shaded the same color as New Jersey.

If the judge's stay is lifted and not imposed again by a higher court, then we can change California to deep blue. Until it has the force of law, marriage is still cjat. Prop 8 is not legally valid unless the opposition or the higher courts decline to appeal and the stay is removed. It's close to impossible that this won't be appealed. I think overturning Prop 8 and the legalization of same-sex marriage are two separate issues.

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Thegreyanomaly did not change the map to show that gay marriage is partner, only that it isn't illegal. As far as I've read, the only thing the judge stayed was his order to California officials to begin issuing same-sex marriage s. His stay does not change the core of his ruling that Prop 8 is unconstitutional. Unless and until another court overturns Judge Walker's ruling on the constitutionality of Prop 8, California no longer has a prohibition on same-sex marriage.

However, it is not our place to speculate what a higher court may or may not overturn. As of right now, California sex not have a prohibition on gay marriage but that does not mean rhode the state is issuing s. Best, epicAdam talk5 August UTC I think the opposite is true, we should not speculate that a ban was lifted when the court decision has not attained chat legal validity.

Currently no marriages are performed and no marriage s are handed out for same-sex chats, which can only be explained by Prop 8 still being enforced. Hekerui talk5 August UTC My opinion is that seeing there is a good chance this will reach the supreme court with the appeal no action should be taken on the map until or partner if prop 8 is fully repealed. Hekerui talk7 August UTC California - Prop 8 Stay Lifted[ edit ] The stay has been lifted, but given the volatility of the issue, we should wait till the 18th when the chat takes effect before we deep-blue CA as there may be a stay from another court before then.

Anyways, assuming nothing happens between now and then, I will turn CA deep-blue sometime on the 18th assuming I have internet island sex day Thegreyanomaly talk sex, 12 August UTC I agree the partner version should be reverted until everything is rhode and done, the legal system is complex and there is no evidence as of yet of marriage s being handed out. Fry talk12 August UTC It is rhode the 18th yet though and courts can stil lissue a stay on the ruling.

I reverted to the island because this is not over according to NYT etc.

Hekerui talk12 August UTC I have no idea some people read just what they want to read and get over excited about what stands out to them I guess. It is not true for any of the states that are currently dark blue, and the state that it would apply to there is consensus to not change. Thank you for handling this appropriately, all. My question is this: how can it both be true? It seems to me that brown states ban everything, so there couldn't be any limited rights.

Hekerui talk1 December UTC The bill is pretty much going to be ed, the question is just when.

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We need to determine whether we want it to be medium blue or light blue. This article [8] is making me think medium.

Also on another note, we need to watch New Hampshire. The Republicans have veto-proof majorities in both chambers and may be planning sex repealing the SSM bill Thegreyanomaly talk3 December UTC I looked ses the bill text Section 20 which states "A party to a civil union is entitled to the same legal obligations, responsibilities, protections, and benefits rhode are afforded or recognized by the law of Illinois to islands, whether they derive from partner, administrative rule, policy, common law, or any other source of civil or criminal law.

Hekerui talk3 December UTC [9] - I'm not sure if this is worth anything, but we are now guaranteed that the bill will be ed since he already has a chat ing ceremony prepared.

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I partner think it's official yet, no matter what the CNN report says why cite that in the edit summary if you know better? Quinn who needs to move to this bill to have it become law. Hekerui talk13 January UTC The link I gave was not the ideal one I meant to island, there are plenty of articles out there that note that county clerks are beginning to prepare for the general forms and bureaucracies associated with CUs.

We know the Gov will srx, he may have ed it already, I have been searching the news every day and nobody seems to really care much about this bill to talk about when it was or will be ed; given that sex that we know Gov. Quinn supports the bill, I figured I should have striped the state. Whether he ed it the day it passed ieland senate or he s it whenever or it becomes law without a rhode, on June 1st CUs will begin. Thegreyanomaly talk14 January UTC Following passage he has stated he will it cchat a ceremony in the new year, so no, it's not ed yet, that would have made the news.

My chat is cbat it is ed it will update. Does that mean we can change the psrtners to dark gray, or it is it too early?

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The discussion was started earlier hereplease check it out. Analogous situations should mean same coloring. I updated the map already forgot to check here first Thegreyanomaly talk7 January UTC You should revert your change as the two shades of gray had two diffrent meanings. Dark Gray: Same-sex marriages performed elsewhere recognized Light Gray: No specific prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriages or unions Currently there is no specific prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriages or unions in New Mexico unless a law is put into place.

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I think NY is in the exact same situation, where there is foreign recognition but no state law. The unofficial policy char that we don't stripe multiple shades of the same "color". Also, in Florida, there is both a statue and an amendment, but Florida is not striped. Similar logic applies here.

Rhode island sex chat partners

Thegreyanomaly talk8 January UTC The thing that bothers me though is that in the reference it states that "Governor points out court must rule on issue" that being the case it sounds like it does have to go through something to have New Mexico offically reconize same sex marriages preformed elsewhere, unless its just one pzrtners opinion. I dont know the whole thing in New York but I do know that laws are diffrent in each state.

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