18, Aug, 2019
Moen Kitchen Faucet Repair

Moen Kitchen Faucet Repair

Moen kitchen faucet – Repair your Moen faucet with a new cartridge replacement if the unit leaks or poor performance. This compensation installing a whole new set of valves in the faucet to upgrade the performance and update the device. It’s a job for all who have limited or average experience performing home repairs and it should only take about half an hour. The most important part of the project is to find the right replacement cartridge for your make and model of Moen kitchen faucet.


Turn off the water by closing the water valves to the faucet in the sink. Remove the small hot / cold button on the front of the crane to expose the adjusting screw. If there is no button, just look set screw and remove it. Screw the set screw with an Allen wrench and pull the handle off the Moen kitchen faucet. Remove dome nut out of the tap. This is a large, cylindrical piece that slides over the faucet head. Remove the base of the crane (the spray gun models) brand to access the cartridge nut. When you see the cartridge nut, remove it by turning it counterclockwise. Slide out the cartridge and replace it with a new one.

Replace the cartridge nut and tighten it by hand to secure the cartridge in place. Replace the handle base (on spray models), and then replace the dome. On single handle faucets, you simply replace the dome nut. Then slide the handle on the stem of the cartridge and align it so that the handle is facing forward. Tighten the Allen screw with the Allen key to keep it in place. Overall, users and critics gave good grades to the Moen faucet line. Many owners had cranes for a time, and stated that they generally worked well and had good durability. Some owners, however, did report some problems with moen kitchen faucet. For the most part, however, these problems were generated questions that may arise with cranes from any manufacturer, and as such was therefore not exclusive issues with the brand Moen faucets.

Low Water problem

A problem was reported on a Moen kitchen faucet was a low water flow problems. The reason for this seemed to be some kind of blockage problems at or near the strainer / aerator from the faucet. Typically, such a problem is the subject of a simple dissolution by cleaning the faucet aerator. Another problem reported on Moen faucets is a clogged shower. Here again, this problem would not only apply to the Moen brand faucet. The resolution of this problem involved a simple procedure for cleaning out clogged shows.