Lesbian texting



At some point, every lesbian will be in a situation of lesbian unsure whether a straight lady-friend wants to be more than a text. There is no explanation for this behavior, except that you went to our profiles and creeped on us.

We always translate creeping as interest. This transcends beyond the straight-lesbian interactions, and will always be a strong indicator of attraction.

Lesbian texting

We will dance with you without thinking anything of it, but if you text whispering in our ears rather than lesbian over the music or using us as a dancing pole, the lines of friendship will gets crossed. Just make sure you really intend to go there.

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By Candice Wyatt. You like and comment on the majority of our Facebook or Instagram posts.

Lesbian texting

You get extra friendly when intoxicated. You compare your boyfriend to us.

Lesbian texting

You unnecessarily touch us. The leading on becomes even more severe if what we said in the first place was not that funny.

Lesbian texting

You ask too many questions about our sexuality. You ask us if we can be platonic friends with you.

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Rarely do sane lesbians get themselves into situations where they need to be shut down. You compliment us.

Lesbian texting

Most compliments result in us trying to determine whether you were flirting with us.

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