18, Aug, 2019
How to Fix a Kitchen Faucet, Moen Single Handle

How to Fix a Kitchen Faucet, Moen Single Handle

How To Fix A Kitchen Faucet – Need help repairing the kitchen faucet again? If you’d rather do it yourself and spend a few bucks for a few replacement pieces, this might help you. Replacing a standard leaky faucet can be as easy as this, of course depending on what caused the leak. Generally, however, seals inside the unit have been obsolete from use and are no longer sealing them properly enough. This problem is easily fixed as long as you have the right tool ‘Allen lock, keychain or handlebar lock, and pair of needle nose pliers. A pair of new seals, screws, and metal balls can be found at any local equipment store.

You will learn how to fix a kitchen faucet, whether the faucet leaks on the handle or just does not turn off the solution is the same, replace the cartridge. As a bonus, it also works with many bathroom faucets as well. Moen faucets use “cartridge” instead of “old fashioned”. This means that all “work components” are rolled into one simple cartridge. So if the tap does not turn off, or leaks around the handle, the first thing to check is the cartridge. It is the most common type of Moen kitchen faucet repair. There are several things you want to do when replacing cartridges.

First, make sure the water is turned off to the tap. You can usually turn off the water under the sink in the cabinet. Once you turn off the valve, try the tap to make sure it dies; otherwise you might find yourself in a scene from a sitcom … with water touching the ceiling. Then start taking the handle, notice how everything is put together. When you release everything to the cartridge, remove the small horseshoe clip and pull out the cartridge. You may have to use a little strength if you have an age in it. In fact, all new cartridges are equipped with small plastic tools that can help remove the old ones.

In doing how to fix a kitchen faucet, just use a tool to rotate the cartridge in brass body so it will be easier to remove it. One thing to be aware of when installing a new cartridge is to make sure you install it with a small notch at the end of the stalk in the same direction as the old one. When you see this cartridge will make sense. This will ensure that heat and cold are not reversed. If you are not sure what I mean do not worry, once you get water back you can fix it easily if reversed.