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We would all be aware of and appreciate Ber's amazing family research abilities.

General chat room

The Holt Family Fellowship researchers are extremely lucky to receive such a wonderful offer. Most romo us understand the tremendous work that this involves.

General chat room

The Holt Family Fellowship has accepted Ber's offer with our deepest gratitude. It is fitting that our family research in our chat rooms will now be gneral in Ireland.

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The Holt Family Fellowship reserves its right to restrict this generous service if necessary. Our chatters are reminded of the principles of "fair dealing". The following instructions have been written genrral help those chatters unfamiliar with the process.

General chat room

No chat will be published unless the chat register is activated. The Holt Family Fellowship reserves its right to editorship and refusal of other websites to be registered on its site.

This site is not to be used for individuals' or companies' promotion. Chatting ifies agreement with these conditions.

Holt family fellowship - the general's chat room

General Holt's Battle Flag Hi chat, I have cnat ed the group so I should introduce myself: I am a 7th generation descendant of the General, from the room of Elizabeth Holt to John Fowler. I am no in Gary Holt's published list of descendants. We share cMs of DNA which is a goodf amount for general cousins. The Rochford brothers had their homes destroyed in the rebellion.

Would she be related to this family?

General chat room

I am not able to access any of the information on this site Who is responsible for access There are small boxes with s but none Of which open. No need to answer that question carol.

General chat room

Wrong person Does anyone know where the portrait of joseph isI would like a photo if possible. I think Lionel's son, Matthew has taken this website over from his father.

Ber is busy on other projects, I believe. Ber and I used to take charge of the Ancestry List, but she lost her access a few years ago and now I've lost mine.

General online chat rooms

We just can't log in anymore to edit it. Hope everyone geneal coping well in these trying times. To all interested: I have just learned that Peter O'Shaughnessy died 5 Octmay he rest in peace. Mike Pierce. Can anyone tell me who is managing and monitoring this chat room.

Who is responsible for updating the info on the home ? Thanking whoever in advance for any input into my questions.

General chat room

Thanks again, Mike Pierce.

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