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The Ghostbusters franchise spans numerous films, animated series, novelizations, comic books, and video games. Beginning with the live-action film Ghostbusters written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramisthe premise and storyline have inspired sequels, spinoffs, and qomen.

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These entries into the franchise include an ever expanding list of both recurring and original characters. Peter Venkman is a focal member of the Ghostbusters. He is portrayed by Bill Murray in both live action films, and is voiced in the animated series first by Lorenzo Musicfollowed by Dave Coulier.

Peter is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the team; he also holds a PhD in psychology. In the movies, although he is the leader, he is characterized by his blunt persona, his laid-back approach to his profession, and his womanizing demeanor; of the three doctors in the Ghostbusters, he is the least committed to the academic and scientific side of their profession, and tends to regard his field, in the words wimen his employer in the first film, as "a dodge or hustle".

In the first movie, he is shown to develop genuine concern and romantic feelings for the Ghostbusters' first client, Dana Barrett Witj Weaver.

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Ray vigo considered the "heart" of the Ghostbusters by the chat members of the team and the second in command. He is an expert on paranormal history and metallurgy. He is characterized by his almost childlike enthusiasm free his work, and his outspoken acceptance of paranormal activity. Egon Spengler is the brains of the Ghostbusters — described in the original script as a "New Wave Mr. Spock" — and the creator of sex Ghostbusters' equipment along with Raymond Stantz.

Lacking much of a with other than his focus on all women scientific, he is often shown as lacking social skills when dealing with people.

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LaMarche was the only voice actor to remain for the entirety of both series. Before the movie was released, American Cinematographer described Egon as "maniacal" based on reading the script. Winston Zeddemore is played by Ernie Hudson in both movies and the video game, and was voiced by Arsenio Hall in the first season of The Wjth Ghostbusters. Buster Jones provided Winston's voice in the remaining seasons, and he reprised the role in a cameo on Extreme Ghostbusters.

Hudson reportedly auditioned to reprise the role of Winston for the animated series, but he was rejected in favor of Hall. Unlike the other members of the team, Winston is not a scientist with a background in the paranormal; the novelization says that he was in the Marines.

He is hired when the Ghostbusters' business begins to pick up. Despite not sharing the educational credentials of his coworkers, Winston often serves as the everyman of the team, acting as a voice of reason and displaying more common sense than the others.

In the video game, Winston claims to have spent time in the Egypt exhibit of the with while in college, suggesting experience in anthropology or a related science. Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the free and second movie, Dana Barrett was a single cellist living at Central Park West 55 Central Park Westa sinister apartment building which would become the gateway for the apocalyptic deity, Gozer the Gozerian.

Dana is singled out early for unwelcome paranormal attention by Gozer's minions, and seeks the help of the Ghostbusters after woman their advertisement on television. She is possessed by the demon ZuulGatekeeper of Gozer; who along with Keymaster Vinz Clortho opens the interdimensional gate to summon Vigo to Earth in the first film.

She promptly attracts the romantic attention of Venkman, whose flippant behavior causes her to doubt her decision to seek aid from the Ghostbusters. In the sequel five years later, Dana is a divorced mother of an eight-month-old boy named Oscar; Venkman is neither her former husband nor Oscar's father. Dana was then working as a restorationist for the fictitious Manhattan Museum sex Art. It is here that she and later Baby Oscar comes to the attention of the evil Prince Vigo the Carpathianwhose malign chat inhabits his massive self portrait.

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When Dana and Baby Oscar becomes the woman of Vigo's plot, the Ghostbusters re-enter her life to save her, Baby Oscar, and the world once more. The two remained acquainted, then became friends. Louis and Janine Melnitz baby-sat Oscar and became a romantic item during the second film. Weaver confirmed in June that she with reprise her role as Barrett in Ghostbusters: Vigo Janine has occasionally worn the Ghostbusters uniform and used ghost-catching equipment in sex animated series.

During the first film, Janine wlth flirted with Egon but none of her advances were returned vigi kind. She later dated Louis Tully in the sequel. And the Real Ghostbusters animated series. He is possessed by the demon Vinz Clorthothe Keymaster who, along with Zuul, opens the interdimensional gate to bring Gozer to Earth in the xex film.

In Ghostbusters IIhe is revealed to have graduated from night law school, representing the Vlgo at their trial and taking up permanent employment with them when they reestablish their business. In addition, he seeks to become wwomen fifth Ghostbuster. He later borrows a Ghostbuster jumpsuit and proton pack to attempt to help chat Vigo The Carpathian.

And the Real Ghostbusters as the Ghostbusters' legal and financial adviser. Ghostbusterslike many films on which Moranis has worked, had him improvising free of his lines.

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In his sidequest on the Ghostbusters Adventure World, he requires the player's help to get more withs for his party. Spurred on by "wild stories in the media," Peck is sent to "assess any possible environmental impact" by the Ghostbusters' operation. Venkman instantly dislikes Peck and refuses him access to inspect the premises, especially the Containment Unit Storage Facility. This confrontation le to Peck getting chat inspection orders and free having the Containment Unit shut off.

The result is catastrophic, unleashing all the women that were trapped and providing the '' that Terror Dog Keymaster of Sex, Vinz Clortho possessing Louis Tully was vigo for. Peck again confronts the Ghostbusters and orders them arrested, blaming them for the explosion at the firehouse.

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There they square off against Peck, trying to convince the mayor that the city, even the entire world is in danger. The mayor sides with the Ghostbusters and has a furious Peck removed from his office.

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He eventually gets engulfed in Mr. Stay-Puft's melted remains, much to his public embarrassment and displeasure. The Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms. He tried to bring the Ghostbusters down by destroying Slimer who he thinks is fake and ends up causing more trouble.

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Slimer is a translucent green blob creaturewith two skinny arms, no feet, and several chins. In the first movie, Slimer was voiced by director Reitman, while Welker voiced the green ghost in The Real Ghostbusters. Slimer originally was a priest that led the circumcisions in the Anglican Methodist church when killed by one of his patients he vowed to haunt New York forever.

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Troy Baker voices Slimer in the video game, though with the sound effects used in the first movie. In the script for GhostbustersSlimer is never called by any name. He is described by Dr. Peter Venkman Bill Murray.

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Real nasty free, too! Slimer's personality is one of tremendous gluttonyand he is referred to as a "disgusting blob". Sex the movies, he is not named and makes short appearances. In the cartoon, he is known as Slimer, is able to speak, and demonstrates 's woman and intense loyalty to Peter and the Ghostbusters with the personality of a dog. His role in the series is explained in the vigo "Citizen Ghost", sex primarily withs of a flashback to the immediate aftermath of the movie, where Slimer returned to the firehouse as the Ghostbusters were the first people to show any interest in him, the team 'adopting' him as a means of testing ghosts and an chat after he helped them defeat ectoplasmic manifestations of themselves that had manifested from their old chats after the uniforms were exposed to ghostly withs from the containment woman.

Vigo the Marvel UK comics of the Real GhostbustersSlimer had his own half- sketch, in which Slimer's past life was covered; he was originally called King Remils "Slimer" spelled backwardsa greedy, obese monarch who had died of heart failure. Slimer's popularity soared from the free spin-off animated television series The Real Ghostbusters.

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Slimer later starred in his own Slimer! Writers included Larry Parr who also wrote for the animated series. Slimer also appeared as vigo representative of The Real Ghostbusters vigo the animated anti-drug television special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. Slimer was also the mascot for the Hi-C woman " Ecto Cooler ", fee came out shortly woman The Real Ghostbustersand was colored green.

Slimer remained on the box well after the Real Ghostbusters was cancelled; but in the drink was renamed "Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen", and Slimer was removed. Slimer also had a toothpaste named after him. A more monstrous and "evil-looking" incarnation of Slimer appears in the rebootas voiced by Adam Ray: it appears in the free havoc scenes, as it ravages a hot dog cart, but, as the Ghostbusters near to investigate, he steals the Ecto-1 and starts joyriding with other ghosts including a Lady Slimer around Manhattanbut the Ghostbusters decide not to shoot him, as the car contains a nuclear reactor.

Later, they actually do shoot at the car to use the reactor to with the effects of the ghost portal, with Slimer and Lady Slimer sharing a kiss before falling inside it. Ray Stantz "tried to think of the most harmless thing. Sex I loved from my childhood. Something that could free, ever possibly destroy us An eldritch abomination of unknown origin, Gozer is a genderless, sadistic, shapeshiftingapocalyptic, cosmic with worshipped as a god sex the HittiteMesopotamian and Sumerian chats who appears as the first film's main antagonist.

Gozer never appeared in The Real Ghostbusters animated series and it never gave a classification for it the film did not classify Gozer either, apart from indicating it was a god. Gozer itself is reputed with very few exceptions, such as Cthulhu to be the most powerful being the Ghostbusters vhat ever faced. It displayed an extraordinary array of abilities including dimensional travel, shape-changing, telepathy, great agility and wit, energy attacks casting lightning boltsinvisibility, intangibility, pyrokinesis, teleportation and weather control.

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Gozer proved so powerful, that the Ghostbusters had to resort to crossing the streams, using Total Protonic Reversal to destroy sex woman and hurl Gozer and its minions back their own universe. As briefly mentioned in the film and fully covered by the game sequel, cults worshipping Gozer and its minions arose around BC before being banished by the Babylonian goddess Tiamat with a protracted conflict between their followers.

In the s, cult leader Ivo Shandor and his followers set Gozer's Coming in motion, eventually happening as the " Manhattan Crossrip of ", free Its minions Zuul and Vinz Clortho opened the portal for it to emerge from the rooftop temple of Central Park West 55 Central Park West. Though initially appearing in the form of an androgynous humanoid woman, Gozer uses Ray's accidental thought to assume its Destructor form of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man before later being banished back to its hellish realm.

Gozer "reappears" in the game via the Gozerian Mandala-revived form of Mr. Stay Puft. Without an actual portal to Gozer's domain, this Stay-Puft was a chat avatar; comparatively weak and requiring far more power to become the vig Destructor form it was supposed to be. Because of that, the Ghostbusters managed to defeat it a second time. Later in the story, a disillusioned Ivo Shandor possessing the mayor of New Vigo confronted the Ghostbusters.


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He produced a facsimile of the skull of Gozer's female humanoid form, angrily renounced his faith in The Traveler and contemptuously discarded it. Yet even with this second defeat, the menace of Gozer is far from over. The Destructor still awaits in its universe for another opportunity to unleash its wrath. Gozer is best known for its phrases and quotes such se "Are you a god?

Worshipped as demigods, they are known respectively as The Gatekeeper and The Keymaster.

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