18, Aug, 2019
Fix a Delta Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Fix a Delta Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Delta single handle kitchen faucet – Delta makes three different types of kitchen faucets. A single-handle faucet, two handle faucet and pullout faucet. Some of these parts are specific to a particular crane type, is the second interchangeable among types. Knowing the special parts and when they are needed AIDS faster troubleshooting common problems that Delta kitchen faucet. One of the common kitchens taps Delta brand single-handled faucet. These cranes work on a simple principle. A small ball controls the flow of water and put on a series of trays, or seals.

These seals are broken down with time and needs to be replaced. This is why almost all leaks with this type of crane. Fortunately, the fix is ​​fairly easy with the right tools and a little know-how. Instructions to fix a delta single handle kitchen faucet: Starting with locate the shut-off valve for the sink. You can usually find it directly under the sink. If not, you may need to use the main shut-off valve for floor or house. Close the valve and then turn the sink faucet to drain the line before repairing. Remove the installation screw. Locate the plastic cover in the center of the handle and pry up the edge of a flat head screwdriver.

Below you will find installation screw. Remove the screw and pull the handle up and turn off the faucet assembly. Remove bonnet nut. The bonnet nut, the nut surrounds the delta single handle kitchen faucet valve. Use a wrench and turn to the left to remove. Access to the rubber seals. On top of the seals is a white plastic cam that can be deducted. You should then see the first washer / rubber seal. Pry out, using it if needed. Then remove the ball, and the remaining seal under the ball. Lower seals have feathers attached, which will come out well.

Discard the seals and springs. Inserting replacement seals. In Delta repair pack find a replacement spring and seals. Slide a spring on each seal and Install faucet. Insert seals, metal ball and the best seal. Cover with white plastic cam. Reconnect the bonnet nut, tighten with wrench. Then replace the handle, secure with the system screws and plastic caps. Make sure the handle is in the “Off” position. Turn the water back on at the shutoff valve and turn the crane for testing. And the fixing of delta single handle kitchen faucet was finish.