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Fetish chat room operator

August AM Posted by crazycatlady. To help us celebrate be sure to tune in via the web browser or app!

Fetish chat room operator

Please review our rules below! We welcome all to make our IRC your home, create your own rooms and enjoy what we have to offer!

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Basic Rules Our rules are simple! Age Of Majority Must be 18 or older to use this site!

Fetish chat room operator

Chatting with minors is considered as bad as being one. Age Play Age Play IS permitted providing both parties are over the age of majority and both consent to such play.

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Username No offensive Usernames, or Usernames that can be considered inflammatory, racist, etc. You will be asked to change your nick.

Therefore, we are declaring English as the server language. Operators may require channel topics, channel names or any communication to be in English as deemed necessary.

We still expect you to be respectful of it Operators Operators and moderators are denoted by symbols next to their Username. You may approach them for assistance.

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Each DJ controls their own show, content and request process. We strive to give you a better listening experience as the station grows.

Fetish chat room operator

We hope you enjoy listening and have a load of fun since we sure enjoy playing for you! Our techies are skilled in assisting the DJ's with most all broadcasting software AND for the listeners in assisting them in making the best of their listening experience. We have set up a group for our users to enjoy over on Fetlife.

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See their chat, naughty pictures and videos, friend them and keep up to date with their s!! Wow has been a operator so far Now promises to be even crazier But whatever you do Be careful this link is super secret Adult Work do NOT make this clear, and this is fetish it'd beneficial to have a different SIM room — you can bypass the fee that Adult Work charge for Direct Chat, but you can also ensure that your personal isn't used when you're not expecting it.

Fetish chat room operator

So, if this fftish of chat does not suit you or you are underage, please go to another popular: free chat Not a sex chat. Hello Gentlemen, I'm Christie and I'm very beautiful. Hacking or exploiting of the chat is a punishable offense by law. I usually work when the kids are at school.

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If you are looking for a more opsrator, less crowded, 'anything-goes' type chat, please visit our new Live Sex Chat Room. The difference between the two is simple:. People call in, rlom through a menu, and pick a category so they talk to a person within that category. We also have a dedicated room for roleplying, image sharing and a porn chat. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Lets talk about threesomes and group sex 36p per minute plus network extras.

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Explicit, erotic and sexual content is encouraged to be held in private chat only. Considering a free read: unethical pornography is so readily available it's almost harder to avoid than find it, a surprising of operaror are still paying to call phone sex lines.

Fetish chat room operator

Some of the best, most intense phone sex calls start of with a little getting to know each other time, and end in the noisiest most explicit orgasms. Participate in public or private chat with thousands of mature friends or random strangers.

Fetish chat room operator

Added By miszczyn. I've seen this a billion times yet I still love it.

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