18, Aug, 2019
Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet Sink

Farmhouse kitchen faucet – Starting with cut around the outlines of the manufacturer supplied kitchen table templates. If your farmhouse kitchen faucet sink did not come with templates, place a sheet of cardboard on the floor. And set the sink upside down on the surface. Trace around it with a carpenter’s pencil. Draw a second line 1/4 inch inside the original line and cut along the new line. This will be your guide to cut the countertop opening. Place the second piece of cardboard to the front of the sink, also called “apron”. Trace the outline of the sink face. Cut along the line (not draw a new line) to this template apron slot on the chassis front.

Place the top cardboard template on the disk surface where you want the farmhouse kitchen faucet sink should be. Trace the outline of the disc with your pencil. Replace the front template, centering it with the top and trace around it. Remember, apron template 1/4 inch wider than the counter template. Put on your safety glasses. Cutting the countertop and the cabinet along the pencil lines. Sand any rough edges. Lift the sink on the ledge of the cabinet front and push it back into the slot to check for rough fit. It should fit just below the edge of the disc. No support for hardware is inside the closet yet.

So the bottom of the sink to prevent it from falling through. Mark all the places where the opening is too small or tight with your pencil. Push the sink out of the cabinet opening. Set it aside. Trim excess material from the counter and cabinet with the jigsaw for a better fit. Sand opening. Install under-mount hardware to suit your washing by the manufacturer. Push farmhouse kitchen faucet sink into the cabinet opening. Aligning it with mounting hardware. Tighten all necessary mounting screws to secure the sink, using a drill. Tight not to the point, Swath porcelain or metal bow. Slide assembly sink drain through the drain opening.

These using plumber’s kit lower lip of the outlet for a good seal. Tighten the drain assembly under the sink with the manufacturer defined hardware. Connect the trap P (a U-shaped piece of pipe) to the drain assembly and connect the P-trap to the existing drain line. Tighten all pipe using nuts. Install farmhouse kitchen faucet sets and water pipelines according to manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the heat supply line to the left side of the tap. Connect the cold on the right. Apply a strip of silicone to seal the entire seam between the sink and cabinet and countertop. Remove any excess silicone with denatured alcohol and a cloth.