18, Aug, 2019
Change a Cartridge Faucet Kitchen

Change a Cartridge Faucet Kitchen

Faucet kitchen – When you notice a reduction in water pressure or leakage of your kitchen faucet, chances is high that faucet cartridge needs to be replaced. Most kitchen faucets use a cartridge to distribute the hot and cold water. The cartridges have several washers and O-rings that become brittle and cause leakage. The sediment builds up inside the cartridge. Causing a reduction in pressure, when changing a kitchen faucet cartridge, it is a good idea to remove the existing cartridge and take it to the home improvement store to make sure you buy the right cartridge for your faucet.

To change a cartridge faucet kitchen, starting with turn off the water supply to the kitchen faucet. Shut-off valves under the sink. Locate the seam between the top and sides of the faucet handle base. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the seam and pry up the cover to reveal the screw. These to secure the faucet handle to the cartridge. Remove the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift the handle of the faucet. Next, tighten dome Assembly counterclockwise with your hand to remove it from the tap. Dome of the church is part of the spout housing and handle. Some cranes have a metal handle adapter that covers the top of the cartridge. Remove the screw to secure the card with a Phillips screwdriver.

Swipe the card and the plastic around the stop pivot underneath the crane. Start the retainer nut to secure the spout housing to the tap counter-clockwise with a wrench. Pull retainer nut out of the way. Look for the C-clip to secure the faucet cartridge to the tap. The clip will be just above the threads where the retainer nut runs. Pull the clip out with needle nose pliers. Grab the end of the faucet cartridge with abrasive mixed pliers and pull it out of the tap. If necessary. Turn the cartridge back and forth to loosen sediments that may prevent you from pulling the cartridge straight out. Take the cartridge to a home improvement center for a replacement. Insert the new cartridge in the faucet kitchen body until seats in the bottom of the valve body.

Drive the new C-clip into the grooves around the cartridge. Place the nut onto the faucet spout over the body until it is tight. Turn nut another 1/2 turns with the slip-joint pliers. Place the handle card over the top of the new cartridge, if your faucet kitchen using the card. Secure the card to the cartridge with the retaining screw. Place the dome Assembly of the tap. And turn it clockwise to secure it to the tap. As the handle under the dome. Secure the handle with the fixing screw and slide the lid on top of the handle. Turn on the water supply under the sink.